Bill Eckstrom

Chief Executive Officer

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Bill is not just passionate about growth and performance, but truly obsessed. That’s why he founded Ecsell Institute (the parent company of Ecsell Sports) in 2008 – to research the concept and share his findings with as many growth-minded organizations as possible.  More than a decade later, his obsession has spawned three companies, two viral TEDx Talks, a best-selling book, and a therapy-dog training hobby.  Ask any Ecsell employee and they’ll tell you that his tombstone will probably read “Discomfort is the Only Way to Grow.”

Bill’s robust professional career path has encompassed sales, sales leadership, executive leadership with private and publicly traded companies, and as a founder of start-ups. In 2008, he established Ecsell Institute to fill a void he witnessed and personally experienced in the coaching and leadership profession within businesses. Since then, Ecsell’s research and improvement programming expanded into the athletic and academic worlds in 2020.

In 2017 and again in 2022, Bill Bill took to the TEDx stage, where he shared his research and experiences in renowned talks that have five million views.

Most recently, Bill co-authored The Coaching Effect: What great leaders do to increase sales, enhance performance, and sustain growth, which became an Amazon best-selling book in its first week of launching in 2019.

As a result of his broad experiences in the realms of business and athletics, along with his company’s research-based findings, Bill is a popular guest on podcasts and radio shows and has been featured in Forbes and Inc. magazines, and many other publications. In addition, he is a highly regarded international keynote speaker. While his audiences call him “profoundly authentic,” “highly entertaining,” and more, Bill takes great pride that he presents with Ecsell’s science and research. He does not present motivational fluff. Bill speaks to hundreds of groups ranging in size (25–2,500) and topics (found on his personal website,

Lincoln, Nebraska is home for Bill and his wife. Together they have three children, Will Jr, Claire, and Maddie. Philanthropically, Bill prefers a very hands-on approach, evidenced by his current involvement and passion– therapy dog work. In addition, he and his four-legged companion, Aspen, visit children in hospitals, senior citizens in nursing homes, and students in academic settings, and offer emotional support to various athletic teams. Bill also has a strong need to be outdoors and finds time each year to spend in the field and stream with his children and close friends.

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